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I have a question in regard to the contents of Chapter 9, Soul Origin: Pathway to a New Life, on the upper part of page 74, this paragraph: “The familiar soul, the blue ball of light, would accompany me, as would two others from the group of souls present, souls which had entered lives already and had left their human forms to be present at this meeting.” You state that you saw two (human) souls. When they transiently left their respective human bodies on Earth - how would you describe what these two “empty" hulls or bodies would look like at this particular moment of time? .

F. S. Auckland, New Zealand

The two souls were already living a life, and had left their bodies to attend this gathering/meeting.  It makes sense that these souls would have left their bodies during normal sleep.  Many people report memories of astral travelling or out-of-body experiences.  Some people are able to describe in detail what takes place during these time-frames when our soul consciousness leaves the body.  Many people report being “conscious” during a medical operation, when their physical body is anesthetised, but they recall all that takes place in the operating theatre, usually viewing it from outside the human body.  A book recently published by US neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven, describes his own out-of-body experiences when in a coma.