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A Gift for the Future

This is a profound, informative, courageous book.

It gifts the reader  with information and knowledge for our future.

Let us embrace this,   with the Love  that it is given.

This book offers mankind, guidelines and awareness, to expand into the future.

Take it with both hands.

Lyndy Monopoli, Regression Therapist, Nelson, New Zealand, 26/1/2015


This book is riveting

A thought-provoking and truly moving story.  Hansen writes with  clarity and purpose to bring a thoroughly explicit and revealing dimension to an intriguing subject.

It is the mix of professional, experiential and emotional which creates a compelling authenticity, difficult to pass up.  Exciting and stimulating read!!

'Morepork', 7/2/2015


5-Star Information - especially for those who are seeking answers and validation!

Suzy H., I haven't quite finished your book because I'm cross-eyed.  I've been reading non-stop.  I have rad enough to give your book a 5-star rating.  I am so

grateful on so many levels for this information.  I cried and cried ... And now, because of your book, I want to take some time to regroup and rethink what's

beenhappening to me since I was a little girl.  My experiences continue to happen.  I am 63 now.  In addition, you have a beautiful writing style and the

information is presented in such a compelling way that it's lmost impossible not to immediately advance to the next chapter ... Again, endless thanks.  Wishing

you unimaginable success for all your work and commitment in this arena.  

Warmest regards, Kimberly C., 23/1/2015


This book is the genuine article, and a must-read for all researchers

It is truly one of the best books I've ever read on this subject!  Like Suzy, I've had lifelong contact with the Greys, and her experiences closely parallel my own,

providing much-appreciated validation.  So much fear and negativity is put out in books, interviews and on the net on ET contact, and most particularly in

connection with the Greys, and I believe a high level of government and "military whistle-blower" disinformation is involved as well.

Suzy's amazing conscious recall of being up on a ship, working, training and gnerally interacting both as an Earth human and as  Grey, provides a wealth of

information and deeper understanding, both from the Earth human and ET perspective.  She describes food preparation and living quarters on the ships, as well

asexplanations of medical procedures, classes, the hybrid program, and she even describes the experience of piloting a small craft.

All of this information is supported with deep insight and respect by Emeritus Astrophysicist, Dr. Rudy Schild, of the Harvard/Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.

This book approaches the subject of ET contact from a clear and balanced perspective free of the religious prejudice, fear and drama that so often distorts and

colours people's perceptions.  A must-read for anyone with n open mind, who relly wants to know the story behind ET contact.

Judy, 8/2/2015

A new beginning

I want to thank you Suzy for all the effort you put into writing this book. It is one of a kind because it so accurately depicts every imaginable aspect of the

extraterrestrial relationship to us and within us. They are helping us in magnificent ways I can only begin to understand. As has been said in the comments above

I found enormous relief and validation. It was my wake up call.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A Seeker, 1/3/2015


Your book was a refreshing surprise!

Over the last few years I have read several books on human encounters with aliens, ETs, whatever you like to call them.  I am a firm believer that Earth cannot

be the only inhabited planet in the Universe.  It just seems ridiculous to think there is nothing else out there.

And from my reading of many books on psychic phenomena I am also aware that the solid human body that we are all so familiar with, is not the only form that 

a living sentient being can take.

Yet despite this, I remained a sceptic.

With no personal experiences to ground my thoughts, each time I read one of the many fascinating books I have read, there was always some doubt; perhaps

the author dreamed it all, or perhaps they made it up for whatever reason.

Then a gift from my sister of "The Dual Soul Connection" by Suzy Hansen changed all.

The further I got into the book, the deeper I was hooked.  Suzy writes in such a clear, concise manner that you just know what she is saying is true.  And for the

doubters like me, it was backed up by astrophysicist, Dr. Rudy Schild's notes.  While I still haven't had close encounters of any kind, when they come, I will be


C. Riding, Bathurst, NSW, Australia, 18/3/2015