Communicatorlink - Human Connections to other worlds



Communicatorlink investigates human contact with extraterrestrials, and other anomalous contact phenomena.  We publish relevant articles of interest, reports of current research and investigations, and first-hand accounts (with permission) relating to contact phenomena and interrelated topics (such as near death experiences (NDEs), spirit contact, reincarnation and extrasensory perception (ESP)).  All our staff members speak publicly on these topics at conferences and seminars etc.  We maintain a confidential database.


Public Education

The contact phenomenon occurs worldwide.

Communicatorlink aims to promote public awareness and understanding of the diversity and complexity of anomalous contacts and in particular, to highlight aspects of these contacts not currently acknowledged by mainstream science, which may lead to new and innovative scientific and technological thinking.  We make information available online, in print, via multimedia, and conference presentations.



Communicatorlink gathers testimony and accounts of alleged contact with extraterrestrials, related anomalous contact and non-ordinary phenomena (see above).  Staff and advisory personnel of Communicatorlink include experiencers/abductees/contactees, scientists, and professionals in the areas of counselling, medicine, psychology, neuroscience, and regressive hypnosis.  We can provide referrals to, and information and support from appropriate professionals.

Communicatorlink Services
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